Today, I wrote to Cristian Mihai. Or rather, I posted a comment on his blog post titled, “Over the edge”. I was not writing about his writing.  I was writing about how his real life actions demonstrate a lack of certain key traits that – to me, is essential as a real writer.  I was […]

Hate. There is no other way to understand this emotion than in its most primitive, naked and vulnerable form.   It is a word that encapsulates the vilest of intent; a word that is singularly powerful, capable of mutating personalities and creating monstrosities of human beings.  It is the fodder of Evil as Love is […]

Occasionally, an old friend would drop in unexpectedly. Once inseparable for days, even weeks – how have you been dear Victor? I still can’t believe they picked Russel Crowe for Javert – these old buddies come into my life with a message, a story, a dance, a play, a lesson to leave behind. They know […]

This time, the two lines were unmistakable. “It can’t be” I thought, “I have not missed a single day of the pill for the past three years”. Yet there it was; two red snake eye slits staring right at me. Thinking back, there were signs since the rally: the terrible migraines; that nauseating feeling of […]

There is always certain pressure to being First, that Seconds, Thirds and Eighths can never fathom. It usually begins as an insidious seed, miniscule and hidden, birthed and swathed in that damp, fertile space somewhere between heart and head. Limbs and roots grow as it feeds from the rich soil of fear and doubt. Suckling […]